Don’t think that all burglars are equal, okay some are just opportunists who see an opening and go for it, however it is becoming more apparent being a 24hr locksmith in Ipswich that thieves are becoming more and more advanced in their methods of breaking in to people’s homes.

Burglars are no longer requiring an open window in a secluded spot or smashing windows to gain entry, with the invention of the internet and countless videos on Youtube demonstrating techniques used to open locks that were once a closely guarded secret. Even specialist tools are now widely available on the web and to purchase them all you need is a credit card or paypal account, it amazes us that there are no regulations regarding the sale of such tools.

Take lock bumping as an example, if you type this in to the search on the web you will quickly find that you can find out exactly how to do it, it is not a new thing but it does work extremely well on some locks, you can buy bump keys from several places or even find out how to make your own. Surely this is inviting criminals to up their game, as lock bumping once mastered leaves very little sign of occurring and in some circumstances insurance companies have refused to pay out as there are no physical signs of forced entry.

You can combat these problems by having your locks upgraded to more secure locks, we recommend fitting anti-bump, anti-snap cylinders to UPVC or composite doors, it may cost a bit to have these locks changed but a relatively small amount of money compared to coming home to find your laptops, phones, tablets, TV’s etc missing and all the information stored on these items could be worth a lot more to criminals in the know!

If you are reading this and think it makes sense, why not give us a call and we will quote for changing your locks, it doesn’t cost as much as you would think for that extra peace of mind knowing your home is secure.