Using a Local Locksmith

In a competitive business sector, where a lot of the larger national companies advertise as being a local company by using phone numbers with a local dialling code it can be difficult to realise the differences between a company advertising as local to you and a genuine small local company.

A small local company will be able to offer the same standard of workmanship, using the same or better quality parts as a large national company without the overheads, staff and running costs therefore giving much better value for money, these national companies need to mark up parts and labour charges in order to actually make a profit as a large portion of their turnover is swallowed up by operating costs and staff.

Lockworx Ipswich 24hr Locksmiths can offer lower prices compared to these nationals as we are a small local Ipswich based company who gain a lot of work through word of mouth and recommendations, we offer a 12 month guarantee on all parts and labour. We are around 30%-40% cheaper than some of these national companies and can give accurate arrival times and quotes for work, also there is no VAT to pay

If you are unfortunate enough to lock yourself out then we don’t just turn up with a drill and replace your locks, we exhaust every possibility of getting you back inside your home without damaging locks before we even consider destructive methods of entry, it is not always possible however to gain entry non destructively and should this be the case we will not over charge for replacement locks like some of the nationals do, our aim is to open the lock with skill not just drill it!